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Range of Services

PrimeTech’s portfolio covers all design and engineering phases from research, to drafts and concepts, to detailed construction design, as well as master planning. The company conducts pre-feasibility studies, prepares tender documents and offers front-end engineering design (FEED), including rough investment cost estimates for small to medium sized projects.

Mech. / Elec. Engineering
Infrastructural Engineering
Project Management
Structural Engineering
Value Engineering


In order to turn visions into reality, PrimeTech’s  architects liaise closely with clients to ensure  a thorough understanding of requirements and  requests. In an interdisciplinary manner, the  architects guide and consider contributions  from the engineering disciplines and ensure  that quality demands, cost constraints and  time requirements are met in all design phases.

Scope of services
  • All design phases – starting from preparation of design brief

  • Turnkey, urban and landscaping design

  • Design of buildings and industrial facilities

  • Extensions, modernization and renovations

  • Preparation of material specifications and samplings

  • Preparation of reports, drawings and details

  • Provision of in-construction services


Infrastructural Engineering

Utilizing the latest computer-aided software, specialized engineers contribute knowledge and expertise to ensure the durability of infrastructure projects of all sizes. From concept to implementation, PrimeTech’s specialists aim to deliver durable and environmentally sustainable infrastructure solutions across the country, which respond to all types of engineering challenges.

Scope of services
  • Development of master plans of city districts or areas

  • Development of plot arrangements

  • Geometric engineering of roads, including access and trunk roads

  • Junction engineering, including roundabouts and separated junctions

  • Traffic engineering for estate developments

  • Hydraulic engineering of storm water systems, including culverts, open channel, piped systems, etc.

  • Engineering of water supply and waste water systems

  • Coordination of underground utilities on plots

  • Preparation of reports, including analyses, drawings and in-construction services

Infrastructural Engineering

Structural Engineering

PrimeTech’s structural engineers research, design and plan structural components and systems to achieve design goals. Structural designs ensure the technical viability, integrity and safety of design criteria, as well as the durable performance of bearing  elements and materials. Special emphasis is placed on conformity with quality processes at all review stages.

Scope of services
  • Engineering of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures:

    • Shallow foundation engineering for single pads, raft and strip footings

    • Deep foundation engineering for bored and driven piles

    • Engineering of solid, ribbed and flat slabs, composite slabs and filigree slab floors

    • Engineering for civil works such as retaining walls, culverts, manholes  or pipes

  • Engineering of steel structures:

    • Marine quay structures made of steel sheet or king piles

    • Roof trusses

  • Preparation of reports, including analyses, drawings and in-construction services

Structural Engineering

Mech. / Elec. Engineering

PrimeTech’s mechanical and electrical engineers work on complex interdisciplinary  projects. Through detailed analysis of required components and in consideration of up-to-date technologies, staff delivers  mechanical / electrical solutions that combine  the latest equipment with highest aesthetical  aspects, at all times considering required  standards and regulations.

Scope of services
  • Mechanical services:

    • HVAC engineering

    • Plumbing engineering, including sanitary objects

    • Fire-fighting systems

  • Electrical services:

    • Engineering covering all voltage ranges

    • Engineering for multi-media equipment

    • Engineering for lighting systems of interior design

    • Engineering for lifts

  • Engineering of professional kitchen equipment

Mech. / : Electr. Engineering

Project Management

PrimeTech offers tailored and integrated project management, based on processes and systems aligned to its engineering and design services. Specialized personnel coordinate the technical disciplines in-house, manage designs and work closely with clients over the entire life cycle of a project, including in-construction, to support the selection, ongoing assessment and management of third parties.

Scope of services
  • Design management and technical coordination

  • Client advisory, engagement, assistance and support

  • Project appraisal, rough cost estimation for small to medium sized projects

  • Preparation of tender documents, inclusive of specifications and bill of quantities

  • Evaluation / assessment of tenderers and preparation of tender reports

  • Evaluation / assessment of subcontractors

  • Site supervision as client’s representative

Project Management

Value Engineering

PrimeTech provides value engineering to efficiently solve project challenges. Experienced staff apply extensive knowhow to contextualize and analyze engineering designs, and propose changes that identify and eliminate unwanted costs while maintaining or enhancing quality, value and functional performance, considering maintenance, management, life cycle design and performance.

Scope of services
  • Improvement of designs towards optimized economic solutions

  • Implementation of feasibility studies

  • Evaluation of alternative solutions

  • Review of design towards sustainability

  • Building life cycle optimization (capital vs. operational and maintenance cost)

  • Client advisory on required scope

Value Engineering
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